Online Resources for learning Mandarin

Here’s a central place to park the URLs of the many many blogs and any useful web resources around that can help with learning Mandarin.

BLOGS about Mandarin

A Long Way From Home      Lots of writing worksheets at this page of learnchinese…

Some tips on remembering chinese words and a a related TED talk.

Gotta love Iris’s fantastic blog I first discovered it through her ‘character a day’ videos on YouTube.

Sensible Chinese

Chinese with Orna:  tips on differences in languge, grammatical phrases, etc.




Top of the pops – at least for learners of HSK1, 2 and 3 – is the Canadian Udemy course Chinese Zero To Hero.  Brilliant linking videos with the HSK standard texts and the language points are really well explained.  See my post recommending them here.  And you can find their videos for FREE on YouTube here.

Slow Chinese is a great site (and podcast) for listening to a text being read at a moderate pace.  While it’s pitched at Advanced learners – so it’s light on repeated text that will help build high frequency vocabulary.  A little study using the Perapera add-on listed below pays real dividends.

Some useful dictionaries – especially if you are a little bit like me and like to understand the characters through their etymology – are:

  1. where you can find a general dictionary but also an etymological one.
  2.   I believe this is also useful on smartphones.
  3. which specifically addresses itself to etymology.

Chinese Reading Practice is another nifty site with lots of texts for elementary level types.  It has a Perapera-like function that allows you to hover your cursor over text and see the meaning(s).  A treasure!

Perapera add-ons for Firefox that add Mandarin functionality.  A point and click dictionary for chinese pages, for example.

Han Trainer Pro  This is a great site for chasing down the meaning of hanzi.  Since I got the Pleco dictionary on my iPhone, I haven’t used it so much.  You get the 字 and related words and you can drill down to various meanings and associated terms.

A PDF of a Modern Chinese Grammar text that seems very promising. The Introduction explains that the books Part A (roughly the first third) gives you formal grammar stucture – how to describe a noun or where to put the prepositional phrase in a sentence.  Part B covers situations and functions and tells you how to apolgize, or address someone, or how to emphasize something.  You can look here to find something similar

A Practical Chinese Grammar for foreigners is also a handy download!

Want to make worksheets?

Mandarin learning tools from this Irish site


Little Dragon Mandarin is a school in the UK.  They have some useful notes about learning particular characters (The one for 春 totally nailed it for me!) and lots of activities.


Kerstin Hamme’s ‘Fluent Languages’ blog



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